“One thing that strikes me, is the friendliness of the team and the way they work towards any goal. I think that firstly they make it a joint goal. Transparency, I think that is one thing that absolutely comes up as their strong point and this helps in a very very big way.”

Cement Industry

“They are perhaps one of the first truly Indian Shipping company with highest standards of professionalism, transparency, straight forwardness, efficiency and proactive approach.”

Agro and Food Commodities Industry

“The team at Divine Shipping are very professional, and very up to date in their information, in their procedures, and that is why you can leave all your work to them and go carefree.”

Tyre and Rubber Scrap

“We have been only using Divine Shipping for all our logistic needs, of imports, of exports, or warehousing, except Divine Shipping there is nobody which we choose.”

Shipping Company