Divine Shipping Services has a mission to provide integrated dredging and related marine services for promoting the national and international maritime trade, beach nourishment, reclamation, inland dredging, and environmental protection and to become a global player in the field of dredging.

Capital Dredging

Capital Dredging the process of removing the “virgin” soil to create the designed depth in the water bodies / adjacent to water bodies is called “Capital Dredging”. Divine Shipping Services is having three Cutter Suction Dredgers on long term charter to meet the capital dredging requirements in India/Abroad.

Dams & de-siltation

Removing silt, sand, and gravel, from behind a dam and near its intakes is vital for the efficient operation of the power generation system. Sedimentation build-up diminishes a dam’s electric generation and water volume eventually requiring dredging to control efficient operation. In reservoirs, eroding sediment can slowly build and cause concentrated water storage and water quality issues. This build up can impact leisure activities as well as aquatic life. Industrial runoff can further pollute the water. Divine dredgers  have been used successfully in each of these applications.

Maintenance Dredging

Maintenance Dredging every Port or Harbour designed with certain designed navigable depth in its channel or water bodies for the safe entry and exit of ships. This depth will decrease due to deposition of sediments and other material by the influence of littoral drift, underwater currents, wave & tidal actions etc., in a course of time which varies from Port/Harbour to Port/Harbour and depends on rate of siltation. To restore its depth, removing the accumulated material is inevitable in most of the Ports & Harbours. The process of removing the accumulated material is called “Maintenance Dredging”.

Divine Shipping Services is fully equipped to cater to the maintenance dredging requirements at all ports.

Mining/Sand & Gravel

When deep digging is required for sand and gravel, salt and other industrial materials, mining with a dredge is the most efficient way to obtain deposits. Divine shipping is having specialized sand Dredger owned by us which is internationally the perfect  dredger for all  sand & gravel, salt, and tailings dredging needs – particularly when deeper digging is required.

Using this dredger is the most efficient way to consistently obtain subaqueous materials. If you are dredging for sand, gravel, or hard salt deposits, Divine1 the sand dredger is unique integrated dredging strategies and designs are focused on efficient production and reducing cost reduction throughout the entire mining life cycle.  Sand Mining companies work closely with our team of dredge experts.

Ports, Harbors & Waterways

As an environmental restoration dredging manufacturer, it’s our objective to assist with keeping our ports, harbours, and waterways open and free from debris. Transporting passengers and equipment on water is a reasonably affordable option for trade. With the global population increasing there will be a higher demand for secure, economical, and viable water logistics over the next several years.  The preservation of ports, harbors, and navigable waterways is thus a critical activity for Divine shipping dredgers and its customers.

Divine shipping is having small and medium-sized portable cutter head suction and swinging ladder dredges are best suited for maintaining local ports, harbours, and waterways regardless of the climate and the surrounding environment. Dredges of this size offer worthwhile solutions for such dredging projects.

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