Terminal Handling & Stevedoring at ports

Divine Shipping Stevedoring   services are specifically designed to handle bulk and break-bulk cargo. We don’t attempt to be everything to everyone; rather, we focus at what we are good at: handling cargo to and from ships and operating terminals with your cargo.

With Divine Shipping you can be confident that you obtain the best solution to meet your requirements and the most efficient method of shipping your specific products.

Handling bulk and break-bulk cargo should be planned and orchestrated, but never improvised. A better process enables you to benefit from economies of scale while maintaining excellence of quality.

Divine makes handling Simple, efficient for you with dedicated team that makes you feel the   difference. You’ll appreciate the difference that our modern, open and customer focused business model makes your vessel turnaround faster.

Gone are the days where all companies can have a dedicated team specifically on staff to control their entire logistical chain. Modern companies understand the importance of being lean and how the best approach is often to invest in a project specific team rather than sustaining one, full time, just in case. This is where Divine Shipping Services comes in.

We can assist you to plan part of your logistical project or develop it entirely for you with the best solutions the market has to offer while you maintain focus on what’s important to you: your customers, the quality of your product and your total landed cost to market.

We employ the industry’s leaders in handling and logistical solutions; we understanding your realities and specific requirements, we determine together your most efficient course of action.

To envisage Coastal Shipping as a means to remove the bottlenecks in the existing transport network would be taking a restricted view of the potentialities of Coastal Shipping, especially in a country like India, which is blessed with a very long coast line. India has to exploit this cheap mode of transport to her best advantage.

Divine Shipping Services has purchased two coastal vessels with 2500MT DWT and has made its footprint in coastal Shipping. We plan to enhance our fleet with increase in trade.