About Us

According to ElaBen Bhatt, founder of SEWA, after political independence, there is a need of economic self-reliance for rural members to really flourish.

Our study of majority of SEWA’s agricultural members and marginal farmers (over 70%)helped us derive the real reason of “why our farmers remain hungry?” They were being cheated for the return they got for their agro produce, the providers of food to nation were starving; in spite of their hard work they were deceived by the intermediaries at the village mandi’s.

“Whatever the market decides, that’s the price we get”

Considering that Agricultural Marketing continues to be in bad shape in rural India, the idea of setting up divine- a rural distribution network for small and marginal farmers; to provide multiple employment opportunities and build up an integrated food value chain in order to enhance the efficiency of agricultural activities, to reduce the hardships by the producers, processors and to create a robust self-reliant agro producing company to ensure food security to rural members.

divine was initiated by the and for the farmer groups and District Associations in the year 2004.


Provide employment and skill development to more than 10,000 divineBen across India.


Set up food value chain that helps more than 1,00,000 marginal farmers and rural women producer groups.


Objectives of Setting up a RUral DIstribution Multi Trading Company Limited (RMTCL):

  • Fetch fair returns and direct market linkages to the marginal farmers.
  • Ensuring livelihood security through continuous and timely procurement.
  • Multiple employment opportunities from warehousing , processing of agro commodities.
  • Reaching wholesome nutritious food security kits to rural members;
  • Agricultural marketing to rural and semi- urban landscapes
  • There by,rotating the rural income within the village, strengthening Rural Economy.