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divine recognizes the need for marketing and promotion of divine brand within the rural population, as access to Television, Radio, Cinema is deeply penetrated the target consumers for divine.

Considering that we a social enterprise, and do not encourage mainstream advertising, however we do utilize a few other techniques for promotion and indirect sales.

  • Organizing a Village meeting with a divine Branded Auto with Master Trainers from divine.
  • Use Radio Jingles & Posters in Gujarati while door to door sales.
  • Organizing Masala(Spices) Bazaar, Ghau Bazaar in Villages
  • Provide Food Security Kits to Aaganwadi’s, PHC’s
  • Encourage building Institutional Sales network – supply to canteens, hostels, hospitals.
  • Encourage use of technology for ordering divine products via Mobile using divine Sandesha Vyavhar.
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